Roll On Autumn!

So here we are, caught in that lull between seasons.

In order to pass the time, here is a list of some of the shows I can’t wait to return in a couple of months. Continue reading


(Belated) First Impressions: Eastbound and Down

Eastbound And Down

Finding a new comedy show on TV can be a risky business. Sometimes it can be hard to tell from the first few episodes how good a series will become. Sometimes it can take more than an entire season to find its feet (I’m looking at you Parks and Recreation).

Despite a lukewarm reception to both Go On and The League, both are now staples of my comedy diet. So I tend not to put too much emphasis on the first few episodes of a show. On the other hand sometimes you can just tell.

Eastbound and Down tells the story of Jack Powers (played by Danny McBride), a washed-up Major League baseball player who moves back to his home town to teach at his local school. Continue reading

Behind The Times: The League – Season One

The League

For those of you who, like me, are unfamiliar with American football, a show about a group of friends who play in an American football fantasy league might be a little off-putting. But worry not, there is no need to know anything about either American football or fantasy football. Aside from acting as a motivating factor to drive some of the storylines and adding a reason for these guys to be together, there isn’t much detail. I suppose if you know about these things then there are probably some inside jokes you will get, but there are plenty of non-football jokes to keep you entertained. Continue reading