Something For The Weekend: The Ice Harvest

The Ice Harvest

Sure it’s the summer, but there’s always time for a Christmas film!

The Ice Harvest is a black comedy directed by Harold Ramis and starring John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton.

Cusack plays Charlie, a lawyer for the mob who is estranged from his family, whilst Thornton plays Vic, a porn distributor. The two lowlifes then join forces to steal $2 million from the mob boss. The film is set the evening after the theft so that they can escape when the weather gets better.

Charlie spends most of the film going from strip joint to strip joint, getting drunk and helping other people, which is decidedly out of character.

It is a decidedly dark turn for Ramis, but also works best when it is at it’s darkest. There are some funny moments, the pulpy, noir-style story moves along nicely and the performances from Cusack and Thornton are good.

Despite being adapted from a novel, it is also a remarkably short film, clocking in at around 80 minutes. It has also been referred to as similar to a Coen Brothers style film. Whilst it is nowhere near that quality, it does give a feel for what to expect.