Something For The Weekend: The Weather Man

The Weather Man

Nicolas Cage plays a weatherman whose family is falling apart. He has divorced his wife, his child is obese and being bullied and his son’s drug councillor’s behaviour seems highly dubious. He also has a difficult relationship with his father, who is dying of cancer.

Everyone is miserable and it is up to Cage’s character to sort it out, sort of.

This is a nice story about someone trying to do right by his family, whilst trying to sort his own mind out.

There are some good performances here and a nicely written script.


Film Review: Stolen


It is rare that in a Nicolas Cage film the most ridiculous, outrageous and preposterous thing is not Nicolas Cage.

If you think that sound unlikely allow me to summarise the plot.

Nicolas Cage plays Will Montgomery, a thief who is trying to rescue his daughter from a one-legged, eight-fingered, scarred-faced villain who has her locked in a taxi boot.

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