It’s Official: Dan Harmon Returns to Community!

Community Season 4

Well, after writing about the possibility of Dan Harmon returning to Community on Friday, it was announced on the weekend (via Twitter) that this was actually the case. Continue reading


Five Seasons and Dan Harmon?! Speculation On The Future of Community

So, despite being a massive critical disappointment, Community has been renewed for a fifth season. This has less to do with ratings (season 4 was pretty much the same as season 3 in that regard), but about reaching that magic number and allowing that magic word to be spoken:


Another 13 episodes will be enough to make a lot of people a lot of money. Continue reading

End Of Season Review: Community Season 4


So, after the firing of creator Dan Harmon and the mass exodus of creative talent that followed, not to mention the months and months of delays, Community finally aired in 2013, showing a grand total of 13 episodes.

The characters we all know and love are still there and so is Greendale, but everything is a bit different. It seems to have lost that spark that made it so special. Continue reading

TV Pilot Review: Heat Vision And Jack

Heat Vision And Jack

Before Dan Harmon became “that crazy guy who got fired from Community”, he was, along with regular collaborator Rob Schrab, the minds behind a TV pilot called Heat Vision and Jack.

Harmon has described the show as “something my 10 year old self would want to watch” and that is pretty close to the mark. Continue reading

Podcast Review: Harmontown


Dan Harmon is best known as the creator of the brilliant Community.

He is also the creator of Harmontown, a weekly live show in the space behind a comic book store in front of a live studio audience.

Since 16th June 2012 he has been recording these shows as a free podcast. Continue reading

People I Envy Err, Respect – Donald Glover

Donald Glover

There are people think are cool, or talented or whose work we enjoy. But sometimes there are people who go so far beyond this that they form their own, exclusive category. This is the first of a number of articles about such people.

This first article is about Donald Glover.

Perhaps best known as an actor for his performance as Troy in the utterly genius and utterly ov Continue reading