2013 Sir Peter Ustinov Scriptwriting Award


Well today is the deadline for the 2013 Sir Peter Ustinov Scriptwriting Award, run by the international Emmys and I have just sent in my script for consideration.

Having only a month to conceive of an idea and write a 30-60 minute script was certainly a challenge, but I did manage it (just about!)

Having wasted the first two weeks on an idea I couldn’t cement and the last 2 weeks procrastinating (where I only managed to write a quick first draft), I left most of the work to the last five days. So I don’t expect to win.

Regardless, I am happy having completed the 45 or so minute script and hope I can keep the momentum going into the next project, whatever that may be.


Current Project

Just a quick one today about the project I am currently working on.

Last week I saw an opportunity for a 30-60 minute drama script for those outside of the USA.

After thinking about it for several days and jotting down some ideas I began writing it just to see how it turned out.

Now, a first draft of anything is always a sketchy affair, particularly so when you don’t have a concrete idea of where you are going.

This has turned out rather differently than I was expecting, but that is not a bad thing. The characters were surprisingly different, but it is only an initial sketch.

What is interesting about it though is the fact that no matter how many ideas I try to cram into a script, it never seems to be enough. Writing this I was concerned that I would run over long from the very clear 30 minute drama as I could see it.

I started this morning and got to the end by the evening. Putting in all the ideas I felt were appropriate for the pilot, it still came in short by about ten minutes. (I wrote about 4000 words, which after looking at other scripts, I equate with about 20 minutes worth of material).

I can now see even more clearly where the weakness of character development lies and which scenes need to be considered and extended as well as which characters need to be redrawn.

Once that is completed, then the writing of dialogue into something resembling human speech begins.

All in all a productive week.


Damon Affleck Family Guy

Next week will (hopefully) be the first time I try writing with a collaborator.

I’ve no idea what sort of thing we will write, but I imagine some kind of screenplay, or maybe just the outline which I will create a first draft out of later.

At the moment, the idea seems to be to create something in one day. However, previous discussions of this have thrown up a lot of ideas so it possible a number of those will form the basis of the whatever it is.

I’ve never been a big one for collaboration, though I have only really done so in song writing, and think this is mostly down to conflicting ideas for what we both wanted to create.

This time around I am far more relaxed and open to wherever the project wants to go.

Whether or not this works out, I will keep you informed.

Writing For The Hell Of It


I have been struggling a lot recently with trying to get something, anything, written.

To that end, I have started a small project with no pressure to, or even much intention of, finishing.

When I read yet another story about Ghostbusters 3 I got to thinking about what I would like to see in it. Ideally, I would like it set about 20 years ago so the original characters could actually be in it.

Whilst I could have written something about that I decided to start a project set in the modern day. Essentially I am writing some fan-fiction, but in script format.

I have been working on it for a few days and so far it has been very helpful to motivate me to think of ideas and potential plot lines and, though the story isn’t fully developed, to have practiced writing a few scenes.

I have basically decided that it is better to write a something rather than stressing about completing a project and ending up writing nothing.

There is no pressure, no fuss and it has reinvigorated my enjoyment of writing.

Sedated Tabloid Tweeter

For better or worse the site is now on Twitter.

You can follow (I think) by going here and clicking “follow”, or something.

By signing up you get me spamming providing insightful articles directly to your Twitter account thingie.

Plus, as an added incentive you will also get ideas not worth turning into articles content exclusive to Twitter!


New Years Resolutions: Week 8


Not to much progress made this week.

The particular avenue for being published seems to have closed.

Got none if my work on Newsjack, though what I sent in was poor.

Think I’ve broken the back of my sitcom story, now to write the same damn thing!

Brainstormed some ideas for another BBC radio show, The Show What You Wrote. The deadline isn’t for a while soup not to much of a rush on that one.

Think that is all for this week folks!