It’s Official: Dan Harmon Returns to Community!

Community Season 4

Well, after writing about the possibility of Dan Harmon returning to Community on Friday, it was announced on the weekend (via Twitter) that this was actually the case. Continue reading


Five Seasons and Dan Harmon?! Speculation On The Future of Community

So, despite being a massive critical disappointment, Community has been renewed for a fifth season. This has less to do with ratings (season 4 was pretty much the same as season 3 in that regard), but about reaching that magic number and allowing that magic word to be spoken:


Another 13 episodes will be enough to make a lot of people a lot of money. Continue reading

End Of Show Review – The Office

The Office

A lot can change in nine years.

We’ve seen wars rage and the people of the Middle East stand against oppressive regimes. We’ve seen the election of the first black President of the USA and made gigantic leaps in our understanding of the universe.

We’ve also seen the characters of The Office develop and grow and now finally that has come to an end. Continue reading

The Quitter: Abandoned TV Shows


Last week I wrote an article about how I never quite TV shows and that was true. Up to a point.

You see, having caught up with the best shows I hadn’t seen, I started digging around for some replacements. This inevitably brought with it some mixed results. Here I lay before you my mistakes so you won’t have to do the same. Continue reading