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Roll On Autumn!

So here we are, caught in that lull between seasons.

In order to pass the time, here is a list of some of the shows I can’t wait to return in a couple of months.

It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia

Despite hurtling towards seasons nine, IASIP has somehow managed to keep from the catastrophic decline that hits most shows (particularly comedies) several seasons earlier. Part of it is to do with the fact the seasons are only ten episodes long, part of it due to an excellent cast. But perhaps the biggest part is that no-one feels the need to change anything. Like Seinfeld there is no hugging and no learning, just one ridiculous episode after another. Even the revelation that Dennis and Dee’s father is not their father, but might actually be Charlie’s father is pretty much swept over in an episode and it simply carries on.

The League

This shoe about a group of friends who like Fantasy Football started out brilliantly, but then hit the skids a bit. Nevertheless, when it hits the mark, it is outstandingly funny. It also has a great cast and the semi-improvisational script makes the whole thing feel refreshingly natural.

The Newsroom

The first season was somewhat of a mixed bag. When it hit the mark it was absolutely classic Sorkin, but there were times where it felt uncharacteristically sloppy and overly mawkish. In the first four seasons of The West Wing and all (one season) of Studio 60 there was not one misstep. This show is littered with them. Perhaps that is due to it being on a different network, perhaps it is due to the fact that a great many moments (and characters) have been almost completely lifted from his previous work. Still, even the worst of Aaron Sorkin is better than the best of most people. Hopefully season two will iron out the creases.


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