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Five Seasons and Dan Harmon?! Speculation On The Future of Community

So, despite being a massive critical disappointment, Community has been renewed for a fifth season. This has less to do with ratings (season 4 was pretty much the same as season 3 in that regard), but about reaching that magic number and allowing that magic word to be spoken:


Another 13 episodes will be enough to make a lot of people a lot of money.

The rumour mill is currently in full flow. It is reported that season 4 showrunners, David Guarascio and Moses Port, were asked backed for season 5 at the end of their one year deal, but declined. The rumours are this has prompted Sony to go back to the show’s creator (whom they fired unceremoniously after season 3), Dan Harmon.

Harmon has previously spoken of his love of the show and that he would go back for that reason. However, on a recent podcast of Harmontown, he explicitly refused to say whether or not he would be interested in going back for season 5. The reason he gave was that he didn’t want to declare interest only to be told “to fuck off” once again. He would only get involved if the question was made very simple for him.

Now, that appears to be the case. Possibly.

Rumours have spread that Harmon has in fact been approached, but such things can never be trusted. These were further amplified by claims that Harmon confirmed talks were taking place during the latest episode of Harmontown and were to be edited out of the podcast version. This rumour itself was further amplified by an announcement that this episode of Harmontown would not be uploaded due to errors with the file. This has caused people on the forum to speculate that it was not possible for Harmon & Co. to edit out all the references to the deal and have therefore decided to not upload it.

But this is all conjecture at the moment, though the timing would be remarkable if this were simply a coincidence.

Lets hope that all of this not very much amounts to a Dan Harmon spectacular season five of Community.


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