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End of Season Review: Castle Season 5


With Procedural shows there comes a point where all the reasonable explanations are eliminated and the writers need to start thinking even more outside of the box. Often this has mixed results.

And so it is with season five of Castle.

This strategy has seen some of the best, most creative episodes. The downside is that this makes the more usual episodes seem mundane. There is also a clear gulf between the start of the season and the end, with highlights being “The Final Frontier” and “Probable Cause”.

The relationship aspect was finally brought to an inevitable resolution, though the troubles at the end of the season rang a little hollow as they moved to a particularly limp season finale.

Aside from a great two-part episode revolving around the kidnapping of Alexis, there wasn’t really much for her to do and she wasn’t actually in that many episodes. Then again, her character is not really integral to the show nor does she have any reason to appear pretty much at all at the moment.

Then there is the resolution of all the story/conspiracy arcs, which were personal highlights and there doesn’t seem to be any mythology to be resolved. There was the addition of Castle’s father, but that is a poor compensation for all-but-closing the Beckett mother murder story.

Whilst they were able to get a decent balance between experimental and gimmicky, I can’t see how they’re going to prevent the show declining further in quality. Not that I’m saying there were any bad episodes, but there seemed to be more episodes that were less engaging than in previous seasons.

Hopefully they can find a way to inject new life into the show.


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