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End Of Season Review: New Girl Season Two

New Girl

When New girl was recommended to me I was highly sceptical of it. Despite being a fan of Zooey Deshanel I expected the show to be “The Look At How Kooky I Can Be Show” and to be essentially a vehicle for her. To an extent, it was. But it became far more of an ensemble piece with each of the characters developing in their own right and having their own character arcs.

It was also incredibly well written and quickly established itself as one of the funniest shows o TV. Part of this is the excellent writing and part of it (which I read somewhere else, but appears to be true) is that it is edited very quickly. You are getting the punchline almost before the setup has finished creating a sense of very quick reactions.

Season two has carried on in the same vein. Not that much has changed, but characters have more fleshed out back stories and interests. The jokes if anything are even better.

The performances are all round excellent and Schmidt is going to be one of those character types that is remembered for a long time. The only gripe I have is that as a character, Winston isn’t utilised fully as if the writers aren’t quite sure what to do with him. His relationship only gets a mention here and there, whilst his love/terrible relationship with pranks creates some absolutely hilarious lines/situations is teetering on the brink of making him a one-note character.

The season has seen some character relationships move in ways which will ultimately change the dynamic of the show. It will be interesting to see how the writers deal with this, but given the excellent first two seasons I have faith they will be up to the task.


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