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Something For The Weekend: Full Tilt Boogie

From Duck Till Dawn

Full Tilt Boogie is a documentary which focuses on the filming of the Quentin Tarantino penned and Robert Rodriguez directed film, From Dusk Till Dawn.

Comprising mostly of interviews with behind the camera staff you don’t normally get to see, as well as general footage of the making of the film, it offers an interesting and unique insight into the practicalities of making a film.

It is interesting to see in an industry famous for people clambering to be famous, some people just do it because it is a job.

It is also interesting for the footage of Tarantino interacting with everyone, which makes for slightly uncomfortable viewing. Depending on your angle, you can practically see the group of yes-men swelling around him. Whenever he tells a story, the reaction of the people seems almost forced, regardless of quality or taste.

This is a great documentary about the film industry and whilst it might not offer any practical advice for budding film-makers it does show the hectic schedule mixed with mind numbing tedium that makes a shooting schedule.


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