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End Of Show Review – The Office

The Office

A lot can change in nine years.

We’ve seen wars rage and the people of the Middle East stand against oppressive regimes. We’ve seen the election of the first black President of the USA and made gigantic leaps in our understanding of the universe.

We’ve also seen the characters of The Office develop and grow and now finally that has come to an end.

I should confess that I have not watched the show from the beginning. Until last year I had only seen one episode, whilst very hungover. But once I finally decided to settle down and check it out it quickly became one of my favourite shows and I watched all eight seasons as quickly as humanly possible. Then, stepping down to one episode a week for the last season felt like someone slamming on the breaks. But in a way, this was good. It allowed me the time to savour each episode and patiently watch it build to the final conclusion.

There have been some good moments and some very good moments. There have been moments where the show seemed to lose its way and some moments which were just too uncomfortable for words. But in the end, this TV show about some (relatively) normal people in a non-descript paper company was a fantastic show and finished on a high that few shows manage, least of all those who have been on for this amount of time.

The final episode was a really nice way to end the show. It gave us closure on pretty much every story and was interesting to see what the characters made of the documentary and how they reacted to that. Yes, it was very much a happy ending, but given the nature of the show was that ever in doubt? And would we have ever wanted it any other way?

Goodbye Scranton, and thank you.


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