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Current Project

Just a quick one today about the project I am currently working on.

Last week I saw an opportunity for a 30-60 minute drama script for those outside of the USA.

After thinking about it for several days and jotting down some ideas I began writing it just to see how it turned out.

Now, a first draft of anything is always a sketchy affair, particularly so when you don’t have a concrete idea of where you are going.

This has turned out rather differently than I was expecting, but that is not a bad thing. The characters were surprisingly different, but it is only an initial sketch.

What is interesting about it though is the fact that no matter how many ideas I try to cram into a script, it never seems to be enough. Writing this I was concerned that I would run over long from the very clear 30 minute drama as I could see it.

I started this morning and got to the end by the evening. Putting in all the ideas I felt were appropriate for the pilot, it still came in short by about ten minutes. (I wrote about 4000 words, which after looking at other scripts, I equate with about 20 minutes worth of material).

I can now see even more clearly where the weakness of character development lies and which scenes need to be considered and extended as well as which characters need to be redrawn.

Once that is completed, then the writing of dialogue into something resembling human speech begins.

All in all a productive week.


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