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Something For The Weekend: Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher

There is nothing new about Tom Cruise playing an action star and there is nothing new here. Jack Reacher is a pretty silly film about a super trained former Military Police Corps Officer who has dropped off the grid. When a sniper kills a bunch of people Reacher turns up to solve the case.

There is intrigue and plotting and a pretty silly plot, but jogs along at an enjoyable enough pace and isn’t so stupid as to make you want to jump out a window.

There is also a really good performance from acclaimed director Werner Herzog, playing the main bad guy. He brings a menacing performance and his philosophy about the cruel indifference of the universe allows him to bring an honesty to the role.

This is a quintessential weekend film.


2 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend: Jack Reacher

  1. I think that there are some scenes in the movie that are a little to over-the-top to be taken seriously and I know it’s an action movie and it can’t be taken too seriously, but I just thought the movie was a bit goofy at times. Still, it’s a fun watch. Nice review.

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