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TV Pilot Review: Heat Vision And Jack

Heat Vision And Jack

Before Dan Harmon became “that crazy guy who got fired from Community”, he was, along with regular collaborator Rob Schrab, the minds behind a TV pilot called Heat Vision and Jack.

Harmon has described the show as “something my 10 year old self would want to watch” and that is pretty close to the mark.

Jack Black plays Jack Austin, a former astronaut who is exposed to too much solar energy and become a super genius when the sun rises.

Owen Wilson provides the voice for Heat Vision, a talking motorcycle that was accidently merged with Jack’s best friend Doug, when he was hit by an experimental ray gun.

Heat Vision and Jack are chased across the country by NASA employee and some time actor, Ron Silver, who plays a fictionalised version of himself.

The show is as ridiculous as it sounds and was apparently written by Harmon and Schrab in a weekend. It is quite funny, but given the premise and the cheap visuals it was n surprised it wasn’t picked up for a whole season.

In fact, it is amazing it was made at all and it is probably the strength of talent that got the pilot made. Aside from Jack Black and Owen Wilson, the episode was directed by Ben Stiller, who provides a hilarious introduction.

The show (well, episode) has picked up a bit of a cult following and can be found on Youtube.

It certainly isn’t the best thing in the world, but is interesting to see what shows make it to pilot and fomr any fans of Community it is another window into the weird world of Harmon.


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