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(Don’t!) Go On

Don't Go OnIt is that time of year folks, where the TV Gods (well, executives) decides who is to love and who is to die.

Here is an update on some of those shows.


I be writing more about this in the days to come, but Community has finished its fourth season and will be back with a fifth, despite this being the weakest season by a country mile.

There are also internet rumours/click bait that creator and sacked showrunner Dan Harmon may be returning, though given he has two new TV shows to create I think this is highly unlikely.

Parks And Recreation

A far less ambiguous one. To see the residents of the great town of Pawnee return for another season is undoubtedly a great thing. A fantastic show and I can’t wait for more.

Happy Endings

Despite bailing at the start of season two, I still feel strongly about this being a terrible show. It therefore delights me to see that it has finally been cancelled after running (inexplicably) for three seasons.

It is being shopped to other networks so may find life, though hopefully not.

Go On

By far the biggest disappointment here. After one season, during which the show improved significantly, it has been cancelled. From the get go I had doubts about its longevity, but it was going well and I think a second season had been well and truly earned.

This is now the third consecutive TV show starring Matthew Perry that has been cancelled (the 2nd cancelled unfairly), but we must look at the silver lining. With Go On off the air, Perry might be able to find another vehicle that is better than this and has more commercial appeal.


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