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Podcast Review: Harmontown


Dan Harmon is best known as the creator of the brilliant Community.

He is also the creator of Harmontown, a weekly live show in the space behind a comic book store in front of a live studio audience.

Since 16th June 2012 he has been recording these shows as a free podcast.

Each week he is accompanied by his Comptroller Jeff Davis (or sometimes his girlfriend Erin McGathy) and the spend the show riffing on that weeks theme. Or at least, that is the theory.

The end result is usually a hodgepodge of anecdotes and unrelated tangents for the 60 to 90 minutes of the show.

It is a very random show, with some extremely personal and profane moments and seems almost entirely improvised. This means it has an electric, if inconsistent quality, though the failures are often as interesting as the successes.

There are occasional guest stars and a few episodes in they start playing a game of Dungeons and Dragons (with a Dungeon Master who was randomly selected from the audience in one episode) which is often hilarious, given Harmon’s knowledge of the game and Davis’ complete ignorance.

It is highly unfocused, but that is part of the charm. It is a great show to have on to either listen to listen to whilst doing something else. And with 55 episodes to date there is an awful lot to listen to.


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