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First Impressions: Oliver Stone’s Untold History Of The United States

Oliver Stone's Untold History Of The United States

Oliver Stone can be a somewhat divisive  figure, particularly when it comes to his politics. So when it was announced that he was making a documentary series detailing the history of America, there was always the potential for being controversial.

There are ten episodes in total, each one lasting one hour, as well as an accompanying book.

The show starts with World War Two and carries on right up to the present day. It attempts to tell an alternative version of history, with the bits that are not taught in schools.

Whilst the title states it is an “untold history”, there is no new research and the information is well known within academic circles and experts in the period. What this actually is an attempt to place these facts into the (predominantly American) consciousness and to provide a less rose-tinted view at the past.

Despite being somewhat of a history buff, I learnt quite a lot from the first two episodes, even though I was aware of the general gist of the narrative.

It is a pretty enjoyable documentary, comprised entirely of old clips with narration from Oliver Stone. It is informative and offers a slice of history that isn’t often mentioned in the mainstream. Pretty much everyone can learn something from it.


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