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Song Review: Transplants – Come Around

Come Around

Transplants have released a second track off their forthcoming album, In A Warzone, for free.

Come Around is a bit more subdued than the previous, with far cleaner guitars. The drums still pound as heavy as ever though.

Kicking off with the chorus, it is very much a singalong song and feels like something that was rejected from the previous Rancid record, Let The Dominoes Fall, which, despite being a punk rock record, was heavily influenced by folk music themes and styles.

This is a more reflective, conciliatory song. Lyrically it is more introspective with themes of how to live life. It also employs trademark organ in the pre-chorus to emphasis this.

It is yet to be seen whether or not these are actually the “lead” singles or more tasters for hardcore fans. They are somewhat unusual in that the last two albums have released (relatively) radio friendly singles (Diamonds and Guns, DJ, DJ, and Gangsters and Thugs. Whether we see anything in this style is yet to be seen.

You can listen to it below.


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