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A Close Shave

Sweeny Todd

Bit of a random one today.

Today is all about shaving.

This is something that has been irritating me (pun intended) for quite a while, but never enough to demand action.

Nevertheless, I was discussing this with some friends the other day and they suggested shaving with, not against, the grain.

I was reluctant, but gave it a try and found what I suspected. The shave is nowhere close enough, to the point where it also doesn’t feel like you’ve shaved at all.

The next time I tried it again, with the same result. So I reapplied some lather and shaved against the grain, which gave a much closer shave. It also was far less irritating.

So now my preferred shaving method is a two-step process. Firstly, I shave with the grain and then shave for a second time against the grain. Frankly, this is a pretty great process leaving the closeness of one shave with the lack of irritation from the other.

It takes a lite longer, but works wonders.

I don’t know if anyone else does it or if there is a simpler manner, but if you have problems with shaving, then I heartily recommend you try this.


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