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End Of Season Review: Go On – Season One

Go On

It is that time of the year when a whole host of TV shows start to come to an end. The latest show in my roster to finish is also one of the newest to enter it.

Go On, the latest vehicle for Matthew Perry was pushed pretty hard from the start, with a preview episode airing after the Olympics.

Perry plays Ryan King, a sports talk radio host whose wife dies and is forced into attending a support group full of kooky characters with their own distinct quirks. Despite the somewhat original nature of the setting, it has always felt like somewhat of a gimmick that is more an anchor around the show than a support. Yet despite that, they seem to have managed to avoid falling into the sea of forced situations to accommodate all of the characters.

Despite a slow start, it is actually very funny in places and the cast is very talented. This, more than anything, is what drives the show. When it isn’t funny however, it is pretty bland and I don’t really care about any of the characters, despite the strong emphasis on the happy/sad dynamic.

It doesn’t help that there are so many characters and all of their problems sound like they’ve been picked from a list rather being real. Yet all the actors are talented and they are fun to watch on the screen.

This is certainly an enjoyable show and is worth watching, for comedy value alone. Yet I can’t see how they are going to get through another season without this all becoming stale, but I really hope they do.


2 thoughts on “End Of Season Review: Go On – Season One

  1. I like Matthew Perry, but not as the only star and focus. I thought he was really good playing off of Matt LeBlanc in Friends, but with him being the only funny one the show just got monotonous for me. I tried to watch and wanted to like the show, but it just did not capture my imagination.

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