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Something For The Weekend: Drive Angry

Drive Angry

Drive Angry is a 2011 film starring Nicolas Cage, wait, come back! It’s good!

Nic Cage plays Milton, a man who has escaped from hell in order to save his murdered daughter’s child from being sacrificed to Satan by the same cult who killed her.

Wait, come back! It’s good! Honest!

On this mission he travels with Piper (played by Amber Heard) and is pursued by The Accountant (a brilliance performance from William Fitchner).

It is a loud, crass exploitation film that doesn’t take itself at all seriously, which explains why Cage and his psycho acting works so well. It is packed full of action, swears, violence and nudity and it is all the better for it.


2 thoughts on “Something For The Weekend: Drive Angry

  1. Ha. Good review. You certainly liked it more than I did. I only watched it because Amber Heard is hot. And I’m a girl. But looking at her is preferable to looking at Nicolas Cage…

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