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The Quitter: Abandoned TV Shows


Last week I wrote an article about how I never quite TV shows and that was true. Up to a point.

You see, having caught up with the best shows I hadn’t seen, I started digging around for some replacements. This inevitably brought with it some mixed results. Here I lay before you my mistakes so you won’t have to do the same.

Eastbound And Down

Danny McBride plays Kenny Powers, a washed up baseball player who becomes a high school gym teacher. Now, I am quite a fan of Danny McBride, but felt this was just a waste of time. Despite a great ten minute opening sequence, it quickly falls down into a boring mess.


A serial killer who kills serial killers. The show has an interesting premise and a decent story, but also a lot of flaws. Firstly, it has a weird tone and it can never quite work out whether it is a comedy or a drama and kind of ends up failing as both. It also contains some terrible, terrible acting and soap opera storylines. It is soon to embark upon season eight, after which it will end. I jumped out early in season three and that was a bit too late.

House Of Lies

A dramady, 4th wall breaking show about a group of management consultants working for horrible companies and being thoroughly unscrupulous about it.

Despite starring some actors I really like (Don Cheadle, Kristen Bell, Ben Schwartz, Richard Schiff) the characters are too fundamentally unlikable to empathise with.

Also, the 4th wall breaking and mountains of “technical” terms was just flat out irritating.

Happy Endings

One of the most horribly heartless and forced kooky shows I have ever had the misfortune to experience. Just thinking of it beings me into a rage. There are literally no redeeming features whatsoever. An absolute poison.


Watch New Girl instead.

Cougar Town

One of the first shows I purposely stopped watching (as opposed to drifting away from). Just rubbish from the outset, I’m amazed I lasted three seasons. The jokes are lame, it has the same forced kookiness as Happy Endings, though isn’t quite as awful. What it does have instead is an over reliance on the same jokes every week. Just pointless.

The Walking Dead

One season was more than enough. Not that there was anything fundamentally wrong with it, but it was just a character-driven drama which just happened to be in a world full of zombies. Now, there is nothing wrong with character-driven drama, but the characters and the drama have to at least be interesting. Really can’t understand the hype for this at all.

Breaking Bad

Somewhere in early season three I bailed, sort of. This I just stopped watching and never went back. It just isn’t my thing. Pretty well written, looks great but just not for me.


8 thoughts on “The Quitter: Abandoned TV Shows

  1. I am not a fan of any of these. A couple of shows I did get interested in that did not survive after their brief runs were Jerico and Last Resort. I wish each of these could have continued.

  2. Raising Hope (don’t know if it is still on or not) has been a nice surprise to catch up on. I would argue that Happy Endings is a great show – but I can understand how the kooky nature of it can be off setting. Guess I just like that about it. The Walking Dead is actually better now than in Season 1. They fired everyone after that Season so it has gotten progressively better. However, the show really is showing signs of fatigue. Just not a lot you can do with that premise.

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