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PC Game Review: Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines


Commandos: Behind Enemy Lines was a game released in 1998, where you controlled a small group of Allied Commandos carrying out secret missions against the Nazis in World War Two. Throughout, you would control one man at a time whilst rescuing prisoners, blowing things up and generally killing Nazis.

It was very much a game of stealth, with detection often bringing out reinforcements and making the level that much more difficult. If any of your men died then you failed the mission. Each man has a certain set of skills, which need to be employed appropriately to win the mission. That said, there is a great degree to the freedom and it doesn’t matter how you achieve the goals, as long as they are achieved and all your men survive.

There are twenty levels in all and some are more difficult than others. The last three or four have massive maps and are particularly daunting at first sight, but you soon get into them. Each mission has a different objective and a new challenge, without being impossible to overcome.

Despite being released in 1998, the graphics are still very good. It came out at the time when graphics were more concerned with precise representations of thing rather than flashy and still too-new 3D rendering which made everything clunky and ugly.

Running it on Windows 7 required the installation of additional software and some Googling as to find out how to get it to run, but in the end it wasn’t that difficult.

The gameplay itself was excellent. It is both challenging and accomplishable, though there are several difficulty levels. It is enjoyable, if not sometimes frustrating.

This is a classic game that stands up excellently today.


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