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Something For The Weekend: Moon


Sam Rockwell plays Sam Bell, a man who live alone on the moon, with his only companion being a robot named GERTY (voiced by Kevin Spacey).

Sam signed up to mine helium-3 from the moon for three years. The communication systems are malfunctioning so he is only able to receive the occasional message from his wife and newly born child, for whom he took the job.

As this time comes to an end he starts to experience an existential crisis and suffers hallucinations of a young girl. To reveal any more than this would be to spoil it. It is far better to go into this without knowing anything about it.

This is an excellent debut feature which deals with a number of themes in a thoughtful manner. The pacing is excellent, the story compelling and the sense of isolation painfully captured. Despite being on his own for most of the film, Sam Rockwell gives an excellent performance. The score really works well to compliment everything on screen.

It is also impressive when you realise the budget was a mere $5 million.

It is nice for once to see a science fiction film without laser guns and dogfights in space and transporters and the rest of it. This is very much a film about ideas, driven by the main character.


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