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Veronica Mars: The Movie – Kickstarted Update

Veronica Mars

About a month ago I posted about the Veronica Mars: The Movie Kickstarter project, which was an attempt to raise $2 million in 30 days to get the movie made.

It reached its initial target in a very short space of time and eventually went on to raise a whopping $5.7 million from 91,585 backers. At nearly three times the budget, hopefully the film will be three times as good.

According to the team who raised the money, the following records were broken on the way

  • Fastest project to reach $1 million.
  • Fastest project to reach $2 million.
  • All-time highest-funded project in FILM category.
  • Third highest-funded project in Kickstarter history.
  • Most project backers of any project in Kickstarter history.

This is an impressive utilisation of the power of fans to resurrect gone-too-soon projects, though it should be kept in mind that even if everyone who donated goes to see the film at the cinema, it would be a catastrophic flop. What this would mean for similar projects is that they may not get the advertising and distribution power of a studio. However, given that the money comes directly from fans it is not inconceivable that future projects could be funded in this manner and distributed across the internet, potentially even for free!

That would alleviate some of my concerns, previously raised, about subsidising the profits of multi-national corporations.

The next step is to make sure the film is a success so that it might spawn a sequel. Therefore, I encourage you all to go and see it and to take your friends to go and see it. Then, when it comes out on DVD or blu-ray or whatever, buy it.


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