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The Director Shot First: TV Edition

Is this what you want?!

This is basically a continuation of yesterdays article, where I ranted for a bit about multiple version of movies.

What stimulated that was not so much the movies, but the potential for this trend to permeate into TV as well.

So far, this does not seem to have been a major issue, but it does exist.

This first came to my attention several years ago when Friends was released on DVD with extended scenes. At first I thought this would be an excellent thing, but I was wrong.

So very wrong.

Usually, the reason a joke is not because it was equally as good but the episode was too long. No, what normally lands on the cutting room floor of an inferior quality to what stays in. The result of adding this material back in is to make the episodes longer and less funny.

Now, there is nothing wrong with extended scenes or cut jokes being included on DVD, but not into the actual episodes.

TV shows have a specific rhythm to which they are cut and this starts to mess about with that slightly. It has the same sort of effect as TV broadcasts where jokes are cut out for timing or pre-watershed reasons.

This came back to my attention after seeing a brand new boxset of all 10 seasons of Friends which included a load of this cut material. A bit of research shows that they are not alone. Family Guy and Battlestar Galactica also seem to be doing this.

If you work hard to create 23 minutes of comedy perfection, why would you possibly want to turn it into something inferior for the sake of two minutes? Thinking of an answer that doesn’t involve the phrase “money” and “not giving a shit” seems difficult.

I say this today as yesterday, leave this stuff alone.


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