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End of Season Review: Californication – Season Six

Californication Season Six

It took a long time for David Duchonvy to drop the identify “Mulder from The X-Files”. It wasn’t until he found himself playing the role of Hank Moody, a sex obsessed, drug abusing author thrust unwillingly into the bowels of Hell-A that he finally found a new audience.

Californication offered up copious amounts of sex, drugs and rock n roll with a brilliantly literary-themed comic twist.

The show has recently finished its sixth season and will return for a seventh.

This latest season saw him thrust into the world of Atticus Fetch a drug addicted rock star on the wane. From this point drugs, sex and ridiculous situations gravitate to Moody as if he were the centre of the universe.

Now, this is essentially the same plot of the previous five seasons as well. Moody meets X and everything blows up. The only difference is that everyone is a little bit older. Yet god bless them, they still make it work.

The problem now is two-fold. Firstly, they have been doing this for six seasons. They have done a lot of outrageous things. So far they have managed for it not to become a parody of itself, though there is no denying the quality of the show has dropped somewhat. They’ve kept it faithful to the original, for which they are to be commended and respected. Unfortunately, there are only so many ways they can keep telling the same story. This means whilst the show is still enjoyable, it has lost the edge of some of its earlier seasons.

Secondly, there is a problem with the writing. It has lost a lot of its sparkle. The lyrical flourishes which made the earlier seasons so refreshing and enjoyable are all but gone. Sure there are some great lines here and there, but they have been mostly abandoned for some inexplicable reason.

I suspect the show can continue in the current vein of diminishing returns for another season, but hopefully that will be used to tie everything up and to let the show go out, if not on top, then high.


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