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Something For The (Easter) Weekend: Super


So… This is late.

Had a busy Friday walking for about 15 miles so posted the wrong thing for Saturday. But it’s a four-day weekend so I can do it here.

Despite it being Easter, this is not an Easter film. Mostly because I don’t know of any. Instead, I’m going to talk about Super.

Super had the terrible misfortune of being released shortly after the awesome Kick Ass, so therefore drew a lot of comparisons. On one level it was understandable because they tackle a similar topic. On another, they are completely different.

Super, like Kick Ass, tackles the question of what would happen if someone with no super powers became a super hero. That’s where the similarities end.

Super sees Frank (played by Rainn Wilson) lose his wife Sarah (played by Liv Taylor to her drug dealer Jacques (played by Kevin Bacon). This results in him having a religious vision/nervous breakdown and he becomes the Crimson Bolt, whose main power is beating up people with a wrench.

Along the way he picks up a sidekick, comic book nerd Libby (played by Ellen Page), who becomes Boltie. Together they fight crime as Frank tries to “rescue” Sarah.

The tone is a bit all over the place as it tries to tackle the emotional journey of a deeply troubled man through deeply black humour. But it is worth the investment. The acting is good. The script can be incredibly funny and you won’t see another superhero film like this.


4 thoughts on “Something For The (Easter) Weekend: Super

  1. It’s extremely rare for me to not finish a movie. I even managed to finish Jennifer’s Body about a month after falling asleep halfway through it! Ugh. Fell asleep halfway through this one too. Deleted it. :-/ Haaaaaated it. Obviously not one for everyone, though. And I normally like black humor.

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