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Movie Review: Some Guy Who Kills People

Some Guy Who Kills People

Some Guy Who Kills People is a low budget (circa $300,000) independent film from the director of Mega Shark Vs Giant Octopus with a script from Ryan A. Levin.

It tells the story of Ken Boyd (played by Kevin Corrigan), a 30-something former mental patient living with his acerbic mother (played by Karen Black) as he tries to put his life back together. Most of his time is spent working at the ice cream diner with his best friend Irv (played by Leo Fitzpatrick), or drawing violent images of the bullies who initiated his breakdown, all of whom start dying gruesome deaths.

Into this mix is thrown Ken’s eleven year old daughter Amy (played by Ariel Gade), who accidently finds out Ken is her father.

The film is essentially a character study of one man trying to adjust to living in the real world. Along with all of this, he begins a relationship with Stephanine (played by Lucy Davis of The Office and Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip fame).

As the title suggests, it takes an irreverent approach to the topic of serial killing and the whole thing runs along nicely as a relationship film with dollops of black comedy and the occasional squirting of comedic levels of blood. And despite all the odds it works.

The direction is effective and ratchets up the tension towards the end. The script is quirky and funny and manages to be humorous without descending into farce or parody.

The performances are good, though Lucy Davis and Barry Bostwick (as Sheriff Walt Fuller) stand out of the crowd. That is not to take away from any of the others. Kevin Corrigan and Amy Gade do well in their roles, both of which are somewhat unusual.

This is an interesting and enjoyable little movie probably deserves more attention that it got.


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