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Movie Review: The Collection

The Collection

The Collection is the follow-up to the 2010 film The Collector.

In the first one, a serial killer sets up elaborate traps in a family’s home whilst they are on vacation. At the same time an unfortunate burglar tries to rob the place and gets trapped.

In this film, the burglar is used by a group of mercenaries looking to rescue a woman the killer has kidnapped. They go to the killer’s base and find it to be also elaborately booby trapped.

Whilst there is less explicit violence than the original, there is still a lot and it essentially falls into the category of torture porn. It is too much and used to mask the fact that this is a completely ridiculous film. It relishes the sadism for no other reason.

In the original the killer targeted individual households, but within the first 10 minutes of this he kills hundreds of people in the most over the top manner imaginable.

All of the characters are disposable. They are two-dimensional and some of them are just there to be killed in needlessly elaborate ways. Of a team of four people, three of them are given no back-story whatsoever. The other guy is given one line for motivation.

The script isn’t bad, but there is nothing on offer here except for a fair bit of gory violence and a ludicrously complex series of traps. There is an attempt to give the killer some back story, but that is just weak.

If you liked the original then this is pretty much more of the same, only on a larger scale. Otherwise, there is nothing particularly interesting here.


2 thoughts on “Movie Review: The Collection

  1. Liked the first one and hope to see this one, but this is the second so so review I’ve read on it. I will still see it, but my expectations are lowered.

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