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Something For The Weekend: The Losers

The Losers

Whilst very much in the shadow of Marvel, DC Comics have been making their own action hero movies, with varying results. For every The Dark Knight, there is a Catwoman. For every V for Vendetta there is a The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And don’t get me started on Jonah Hex.

Yet, there are some films that whilst not setting the world alight are not crimes against humanity. The Losers is one of these.

A groups of CIA operatives are betrayed and left for dead. They then go about finding out who, why and exacting revenge.

It is a silly film and not one to be taken with the brooding intensity of the Batman reboot, but that works in its favour. They go about, blow stuff up and push the limits of credulity, but within the confines of a comic book world.

Due to its subject matter and cartoony violence, it has a drawn a lot of comparisons with T A-Team. This is perfectly fair and if anything, the more realistic of the two movies. There is absolutely no tank flying.

For my money this is the better film, at least because it’s background gives it a certain sensibility, where as The A-Team movie was just completely ridiculous and a big disappointment (to me, at least).

If you’re in the mood for something with heft go dig out Batman Begins. If you’re looking for something silly and enjoyable you can do a lot worse than this.


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