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Movie Review: Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers

Jeepers Creepers is totally schizophrenic. Throughout the movie it keeps having personality shifts, lurching from one genre trope to another without every really committing to any of them.

At the start, it seems to be a road movie where a brother and sister coming home from college are terrorised by an unseen driver in a truck, like Steven Spielberg’s TV movie Duel.

Then it switches into a “trapped in a place you shouldn’t have been” movie before switching to “creepy diner” movie. Then the shit hits that fan.

After abandoning what seems to be the likely story of the whole town being in on this horror story, they find themselves fighting some kind of magical tongue eating monster.

It is ridiculous and though there are comical moments in it, the tone is not right to make this seem like a comedy horror. It takes itself far too seriously.

The end result is a mash up that doesn’t really satisfy any audience and leaves the movie feeling completely disjointed and oddly familiar. The first half hour is by far the best, where there is a bit of tension, but then it goes rapidly downhill.

The acting from the two leads is alright, though they are not given a whole deal to work with. The writing is weak and it’s difficult to care about either of the characters. They are both particularly bland and incredibly stupid. They keep doing things no sane person would even consider and the script thinks it can get away with this by openly saying “this is the stupid thing they do in movies” in an attempt to be postmodern. What is actually created though is postmodernism without the postmodern.

Every attempt to ratchet up tension fails because each scene is essentially disposable and they all may as well come from separate films.

The ending is also worth an honourable mention for being a bland, pointless anti climax and possibly the worst ending in horror movies, until The Devil Inside in 2012.

I’d sat down to see this for a blast of early 21st century nostalgia and ended up remembering I hated the early 21st century.

Avoid like a tongue eating winged demon with a penchant for early 20th century novelty songs.


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