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Veronica Mars: The Movie – Kickstarted

Veronica Mars

Not normally on the ball with this sort of thing, but there is big news in (what I incorrectly consider to be) my part of the web.

As most of you are aware, Kickstarter is a website which allows you to pledge money to a specific project in order to help get it off the ground. You don’t get anything, other than the opportunity to help struggling projects in which you believe. Although, if you pledge significant amounts (usually $25+) you are given a limited edition t-shirt or what have you.

You might also know of a great show from a few years ago called Veronica Mars. It starred Kristen Bell as a sassy teenager who did part-time detective work for her father’s detective agency. Anyway, if you don’t, check it out as it is very good.

After three seasons it was cancelled. Since then, there have been numerous attempts by the show’s creator Rob Thomas, to get it made into a movie. So far, all of these attempts have been unsuccessful, with studio execs apparently sceptical that there would be a market for such a movie.


A proposal was put forward which had Rob Thomas and Kristen Bell on board. They would start a Kickstarter pledge in order to harness the financial clout of fans of the show who want to see a movie. The amount they asked their fans for?

$2 million.

Yes, they have asked for a lot. And the fans have more than met the task.

Within four hours of the project going live, they had already raised half of that, Yes, in four hours they received one million dollars worth of pledges. Not only the amount asked for unprecedented, so is the response. As I type this, over 18,000 people have pledged over $1.25 million.

I fully expect the target to be met by the time I wake up.


This raises two important topics:

1) Woohoo, Veronica Mars Movie!

2) The concept of crowd funding


Now, whilst the first is obviously and excellent thing, the second is making me very uncomfortable. What we have here is the public funding a movie, from which they nothing except the movie, which they’ll also have to pay to see in the cinema.

What this essentially is people giving millions of dollars to a multinational corporation so they can make something to sell to you.

Or perhaps I’m over-thinking it.

Either way, the likelihood of their now not being a Veronica Mars movie is very slim and that is great news.


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