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Movie Review: Frozen


On a list of things that make me happy, sitting on an unstable chair hanging precariously off a wire is not one of them. Therefore, I understand instinctively why such a device would be the ideal setting for a horror film.

Unfortunately, my abject  horror of heights or pretty much any non-sturdy vertical transportation device does not translate well to a 90 minute film. As a result, Frozen finds it needs to resort to contrived dangers.

It starts as most horror films seem to these days, with a substandard bit of fluff designed to make us care about the characters or something. Despite a bit of humour here and there it doesn’t do much except delay the horror bit of the film.

Through an unfortunate series of events three friends get stuck on a skilift at a ski resort that will be closed for the next five days. At first, they try to keep their spirits up, but as the weather deteriorates things get more desperate.

This leads to the decision of one of the three to jump with predictably dire results. This moment is the best in the film. The tension building up to the jump is unbearable for a person of my disposition, but unfortunately this lasts for far too short a time. For as soon as he makes the jump, we have a terrible POV shot of him falling and landing in literally the worst way possible. Then, following these horrific injuries which mean he cannot go for help, he undertakes full forward sit-up manoeuvres I couldn’t achieve given six months of professional training.

Then is gets silly.

Wolves are introduced. Not just any wolves, mind you. These are the sort of wild, fierce wolves that Liam Neeson fought in The Grey, only these ones happen to live on the outskirts of a expensive ski resort.

By adding this plot device, it makes the whole thing into a heap of silliness. It is only when people are dangling precariously from things that there is any tension. Attempts to make mild frostbite into a tense scene don’t really work and the meaningful conversations between two antagonistic characters are just a bit dull.

The ending is weak.

The acting is fine and some of the dialogue is decent enough, but it is hard to feel much sympathy for characters who make one stupid decision after another and execute them in the worst possible manner.

A great film, it is not. But it is an interesting idea that I’ve not seen done before. It’s just a shame it wasn’t done with much flair.


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