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New Years Resolutions: Week 10


That time of the week again.

Sill working on the sitcom pilot and think I’ve finally sorted out the issues with the narrative. Still need to rewrite all the dialogue though.

Struggling to find any sort of inspiration for Newsjack, so sent in zero sketches and two rubbish one-liners just to have something in the pot.

Started work on a little side project. Not the one I expected, but it enjoyable nonetheless.


As you’ve also probably noticed, I’ve stitched the design of this place up a bit. Think it looks much neater.

I’ve also started tweeting and can be followed here.


4 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions: Week 10

  1. Some weeks just provide no fertile material. to fill our needs. We have to understand even the very best authors have time when they cannot field a winning piece of work. In that way we mirror their experience.

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