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Something For The Weekend: Premium Rush

Premium Rush

If you ideal film involves seeing people on bikes being repeatedly hit by cars, then this is the film for you. In Premium Rush, Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Wilee, a guy who decided to delay taking the bar and becoming a lawyer. Instead he becomes a bike messenger, constantly chasing the thrill of danger and speed.

Things go wrong when he picks up a package that is wanted by an unstable, gambling addict cop Bobby Monday (played by Michael Shannon). Still, determined to abide by the bike messengers code he refuses and all hell break loose. What results is a 90 minute bike and car chase across Manhattan as Wilee tries to deliver the message and stay alive.

It is a film that aims no higher than to entertain and it does it well, though it does teeter on the brink of absurdity by the end. But I suppose there are only so far you can take a film about a guy on a bike.

Gordon-Levitt is enjoyable to watch and brings a genuine enthusiasm to the role (which can be seen in the post-film clip), whilst Shannon plays unhinged with an interesting bent. Not quite scenery chewing, but not quite in the world.

There is a Google Maps gimmick that pop up which is colourful and the predictions of cycle routes offer a number of laughs.

This is a nice film if you don’t want to be too taxed.


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