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Oscars 2013: A Brief Analysis

Academy Awards

Well the Oscars have come and gone and a bunch of people got statuettes they may or may not deserve.

Regardless, here is my analysis of the awards.

Disclaimer: I have not seen all the films and am also inherently biased so please keep that in mind when considering the following.

Out of the 10 major categories there were 23 different films. This is eight less than in 2012, which is a significant difference. There were only nine nomination in the Best Picture category, compared to ten last year, but this is a reflection of a handful of films getting a lot of nominations.

Aside from Beasts of the Southern Wild, none of the films I would otherwise have missed seemed that necessary to watch.

Best Animation

Winner: Brave

Brave was awful. Well, Pixar awful, which means it was average. Sure, it looked good but was highly mediocre in every other regard. Should have gone to Frankenweenie. Or Paranorman.. Or The Pirates! Band of Misfits.

Bes Supporting Actress

Winner: Anne Hathaway: Les Miserables

Amy Adams was snubbed for the 4th time. The fourth time, despite an intensely brilliant performance in The Master. Not seen Les Miserables, but find it hard to imagine that she surpassed that.

Best Original Screen Play

Winner: Django Unchained

Django winning best original screenplay was pretty much by default. Flight was mediocre (see here), Moonrise Kingdom was impossible for me to judge (see here and here), Amour was foreign.

Best Director

Winner: Ang Li – Life of Pi

Life of Pi was shit (see here). Not better than Beasts of the Southern Wild (see here), nor probably Lincoln.

Best Actress

Winner Jennifer Lawrence – Silver Linings Playbook

Jennifer Lawrence winning was nice for her and all but she wasn’t better than Quvenzhané Wallis, though I’m glad she didn’t win. Just demonstrates the absolute lack of quality in all these nominations. This is made worse by the fact  the film wasn’t actually that good to begin with, so seeing it win anything is disappointing.

Best Supporting Actor

Winner: Christoph Waltz

Congratulations to Mr Waltz and all, because he is a terrific actor. However, his performance was not better than Philip Seymour Hoffman in The Master, no way.

Best Actor

Winner: Daniel Day-Lewis – Lincoln

Ditto to Mr Day-Lewis. A great performance, but a surprisingly weak category.

Best Picture

Winner: Argo
Can’t argue with Argo winning best picture because even though I’ve not seen it there is an awful lot of chaff in that category. You could cut that down to five nominations and still have too much filler.

In short, terrible nominations. Far too few films (23 this year, compared to 32 last year) and just generally rubbish.

See you next year!


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