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(Belated) First Look: Dexter: Season One


Dexter is a TV show in which the protagonist is a serial killer. This obviously raises the question, how can we empathise with such a gruesome character? Well the answer is to make sure he only kills bad people. So in the very first episode we see him kill a child killer. Because even a serial killer looks good standing next to a serial killer of children.

Dexter is also the name of the main character (played by Michael C. Hall), who by day is a blood spatter analyst who works alongside the police. This gives him access to police records and crime scenes which in turn assists him in picking his next target, who are always nasty individuals. He doesn’t kill nice people. He has a code.

The show is filled with flashbacks to when his adoptive father, Harry (played by James Remar), was still alive. We see him try to teach Dexter both how to kill without being caught and how to kill whilst living to a particular set of moral guidelines.

The first season sees the police tracking a serial killer, who knows Dexter’s secret and is playing games with him. This allows Dexter an insight into the killer he is both unwilling and unable to share with the police, though he does use this insight to assist his sister, Debra (played by Jennifer Carpenter) (who doesn’t know his secret) by giving her hints.

Throughout, there are also the usual personality clashes and side-stories for each of the characters which vary in interest.

After the first episode I was not particularly impressed, not least of all because I expected a lot from this show. However, after four episodes I find myself being drawn into it and enjoying it a lot more.

The premise is interesting and the overarching storyline is compelling so it will be interesting to see how they drag this over into what is currently its 8th season.


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