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Animated Features: An Emotional Disconnect


Part of the processing of watching as many Oscar nominated films before the actual awards ceremony is often laborious. Films you would never choose to otherwise see sit there, taunting you until you sit down and watch them. At that point you sometimes discover they are actually really good and the whole thing has been worthwhile, though often it is as bad as you feared.

This is why I have seen four out of the five nominations for Best Animated Feature. If it were not for this insane challenge, I doubt I would have seen any of them. Ever. Well, perhaps Frankenweenie, but only because it is by Tim Burton.

The rest of them, not a chance. Why? The reason is simple.

Animated films bore me.

Bore my socks off. No matter how great they might be, there is just a complete disconnect between myself and the film. I can watch and appreciate the script, at point even laughing hysterically. I can appreciate the animation and the inventive story. I can really appreciate a good animated film, but they just completely bore me.

I suppose it is the fact they are animated that causes the disconnect, but it is hard to say why that is or how to get past it.

Writing this I was thinking it was purely claymation, CGI stuff, but it is actually all forms of animation. Even the classic Disney films leave me somewhat cold. Which is weird because I find TV animation somewhat engaging. Though I suppose that is a different medium and a more high intensity burst of comedy, meaning there is less time to connect with each character anyway.

I think it is the fact there is no human on the screen, no-one emoting with whom to identify or sympathise with because even though everything happening to and around them is fake, they are still real.

It is somewhat of a shame and if anyone knows how to get completely absorbed into an animated feature, please let me know.


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