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(Beleated) First Look: House Of Lies: Season One


House of LiesHouse of Lies is a show about a management consultant team. Each week they work with a different firm trying to solve their problems, whilst simultaneously making the firm dependent on them.

In charge is Marty Kaan (played by Don Cheadle), a ruthless sociopath who will stop at nothing to get to the to make the sale. He is often involved with his equally-insane ex-wife, Monica (played by Dawn Olivieri), who works at a rival firm. At home, he lives with his sensible, disapproving, yet tolerant father, Jeremiah (played by Glynn Turman) and his eight-year old cross-dressing son, Roscoe (played by Donis Leonard Jr.). Marty is the narrator. He regularly breaks the fourth wall and stops time to explain his actions and his consultant-speak jargon.

The rest of the team are as yet under-developed, but it is certainly a great supporting cast. There  is Jeannie (played by Kristen Bell), Cylde (played by Ben Schwartz) and Doug (played by Josh Lawson). All are fine actors and play their roles well.

The only issues I have is that Kristen Bell doesn’t get enough opportunity to dollop out the levels of sass she is capable, but then again this isn’t Veronica Mars. Mores the pity. Then there is Ben Schwartz, who has a recurring role on Parks and Recreation, in which he plays a big talking buffoon a real ridiculous character. It is difficult to take him seriously after seeing him be so utterly ridiculous and hilarious.

So far, after two episodes my opinion is mixed. The story lines hold absolutely no interest. I don’t care about the companies they work for, all of whom are universally terrible. I also don’t care about the success of the group for being just as bad.

The who child-is-a-transvestite thing just seem like a gimmick, which I assume is to try and make the character more relatable. Instead, it just feels like a gimmick.

The script does have its moments, but overall I don’t really care about any of it. There is a fair bit of swearing and sex, but again these feel more like gimmicks and don’t really add anything to the show.

Will keep watching, but so far not overly impressed.


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