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New Year’s Resolutions – 6 Week Update


This hase been a good week for my resolutons.

I have been on work experience at a local newspaper and much to my surprise they got me to a write a story, which was subsequently published!

So resolution 3, Get something published in print, has been fulfilled!

It was completely unexpected so was that little bit sweeter. Hopefully I will have a couple more pieces published in the near future and be on my way to having a portfolio.

I also did a slight bit of work on my comedy pilot, but that has taken a back seat somewhat, due to the opportunities afforded by Newsjack on BBC Radio 4. Some ideas have been written and some sketches draft, but the first episode went out without me noticing as I was at the newspaper and got the dates mixed up. Nevertheless, there are five more episodes to write for and I will try and get seomthing on one of them.


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