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Something For The Weekend: Stripes


If your 1980s film project has Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman involved you cannot go wrong. That is a SCIENTIFIC FACT.

One of the results of this decade-long experiment saw the release in 1981 of Stripes. John (Bill Murray) and Russell (Harold Ramis), both of whom are dissatisfied with their lives decide to join the army for a laugh. Through an unlikely turn of events they are put in charge of a new weapon, which they subsequently steal and accidently drive into the Soviet Union with hilarious results.

It’s quite a funny film and an almighty anarchic mess. Bill Murray is great, as always and Harold Ramis shows once again he is at his best performing his own work (he adapted the script for Murray and himself as it was originally written as Cheech and Chong Join The Army).

Reitman once again shows himself to be great comedy director and this is a great dry run for their follow-up film, Ghostbusters.

It is a quintessentially 80s comedy with mishaps, mayhem, communism and of course, John Candy titty bar mud wrestling.


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