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Something For The Weekend: Evolution


After playing FBI Special Agent Fox Mulder for seven seasons, actor David Duchonvy wanted a change, wanted to try something different. So, after years spent chasing monsters and aliens he decided to go in a drastically different direction. In Evolution, he was to be a college professor chasing aliens.

A meteorite crashes into the earth, bringing with it extraterrestrial life. Professors Ira Kane (David Duchonvy) and Harry Block (Orlando Jones) come across one specimen after being brought it by firefighter wannabe Wayne Grey (Seann William Scott). This brings them into direct conflict with the US government who are trying to contain and cover-up the findings. Things soon get out of control and it is up to the three guys and government scientist Allison Reed (Julianne Moore) to save the day.

It is very enjoyable and quite funny, though some of the humour is quite adolescent. Director Ivan Reitman manages to balance the comedy and sci-fi action elements very well so it doesn’t feel like too much of one or the other. All the performances are also adept at balancing the needs of the story and are naturally funny.

It is a nice film to watch to just relax and laugh.


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