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Something for The Weekend: Tucker And Dale Vs Evil

Tucker and Dale Vs EvilLong before The Cabin In The Woods subverted the er, cabin in the woods genre, there was a little film called Tuck and Dale Vs Evil.

Released all the way back in 2010 (which actually was the year Cabin In The Woods was both filmed and indefinitely shelved) it tells the tale of two friends Tucker (Alan Tudyk) and Dale (Tyler Labine) who go to spend some time in an old cabin which they are fixing up.

During their time in the woods, they encounter a bunch of young folk from the city who have come on a camping holiday. Due to an unfortunate series of events, the young folk think Tuck and Dale are blood-crazed killers.

Then people start dying.

It is a hilarious romp through the genre and completely turns it on its head. Whilst the whole story seems ridiculous, it is held together by a fantastic script, some great directing and completely believable performances from the two leads.

Anyone familiar with the Joss Whedon cult classic TV show Firefly, will know that Alan Tudyk can really do the funny and so he does here. Tyler Labine, is just as good and they bring a believability to the friendship upon which everything else hangs.

This is a really good film from first-time director Eli Craig and co-screenwriter Morgan Jurgenson and deserves as much recognition as Cabin In The Woods, which in turn actually deserved more than it got.


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