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Mid-Season Review: Go On

Go On

After the first five episodes of Go On, I wrote a piece about how I felt about it. I was quietly confident, but not blown away. It was quite funny, but had the potential to go off the rails in a really bad and stupid way. We are now 13 episodes into a 24 episode season and this calls for a revaluation.

Starting off, I still have the same concerns about the potential lousiness of the gang as they try to make regular storylines for around a dozen or characters. The writers seem to have noticed this and have slimmed back a little bit by leaving characters out of some episodes. This is probably the right decision, though the route they have taken is still fraught with difficulties. The relationship between Yolanda and Sonia, for example, feels forced and their personalities don’t really lend themselves to the match up.

Mr. K is still not living up to his potential as the most off the wall member of the group, though this is probably due to the lighter nature of the show. The same can be said of Danny, of whom I wasn’t the biggest fans. I had assumed this was due to the actor chosen to play the part, Seth Morris. But having seen him absolutely steal the show in the abysmal Happy Endings, as well as put in good turns on The League and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, the weakness clearly lies in the character. If both Mr K. And Danny were allowed to unleash their inner darkness the show would be vastly improved.

On to the positives, Fausta is absolutely coming into her own as a character and is by far the best member of the group, with Anne also making a marked impression. Matthew Perry is very much growing into the role and the show seems to be moving more towards him going out into the real world, rather than continually moping about his dead wife. He is without doubt the source of the biggest and the most frequent laughs on the show.

John Co as Steven is appearing less than anticipated which is a pity, while Allison Miller as assistant Carrie is becoming more of an influential figure. This is a positive development as she riffs well with Matthew Perry and both characters are every day crazy, not on another planet crazy. There is a real chemistry between the two which results in a much more absorbing environment.

The show definitely is getting better and episode 13 was probably the best episode yet, though it was still somewhat inconsistent. They are going to struggle to keep the main idea of the show going and it would probably be better of ditching that completely, but that isn’t likely or particularly feasible.

Still, at this mid point in the first season I feel confident that it is getting better and believe it will continue for the rest of the season.


2 thoughts on “Mid-Season Review: Go On

  1. I was just thinking about this show and noticing the promotional commercials seem to be significantly less. It is true i don’t watch a ton of programming from NBC, but I watch Sunday Night Football and early in the season there was tons of Go On commercials.

    I think I saw through Ep. 5 or so, but just did not catch the fever. I like Matthew Perry ans well as many of the characters, so i may still try to get back on track in the back half of the season.

    • It was launched during the Summer Olympics and is from the pen of an executive producer of Friends and co-creator of Joey. It was deemed a pretty big deal so I think there was a lot of effort to make sure it was a success.

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