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New Year’s Resolutions – 2 Week Update

New Years Resolutions

Well, it’s been two weeks since I made my New Year’s Resolutions. Time for a quick update.

  1. Write a novel – Abandoned  my attempts at a novel in a month. Glad I tried though as it gave me a bit more confidence I can do it, I just need the right story before I begin.
  2. Complete a novel – Not done, obviously.
  3. Get something published in print – Hopefully moving closer to this one. Will hopefully see in the next few days whether or not I’ve taken my first steps towards this one.
  4. Write comedy pilot for submission to BBC – Did a little bit of writing on this, but not as much as hoped or expected. Not sure why or how, but things seem to have been pretty busy lately.
  5. Write a one-act play – Still no idea for this, though learning Beasts of the Southern Wild is based on a one-act play has given me hope.
  6. Get a one-act player performed live – Not done, obviously.
  7. Complete screenplay – Put on backburner until comedy pilot is completed.
  8. Get screenplay made – Not done, obviously.

So, after two weeks I have made some slight progress, maybe. Had hoped to have been far further ahead on some of these. Will need to redouble my efforts. This update has been useful to see how time just disappears without you noticing it.


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