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Characters You Are Supposed To Like But Are Actually Evil

Accepted Wanted Poster

I think the title says it all. This is a segment all about characters you are supposed to be like but are actually evil. Well, evil may be a harsh word, but there are some terrible people.

To kick things off I am going to be talking about the love interest from slacker, college comedy Accepted.

Note, this section will contain spoilers so if you are planning on watching this film (which I recommend) then do no read on.

At the beginning we find out that the main character Bartleby Gaines (played by Justin Long)  has been in love with his next door neighbour Monica Moreland (played by Blake Lively), for years. Unfortunately, she only sees him as a friend and is also dating this stereotypical dick of an American football playing boyfriend. That’s fair enough, it is a pretty typical plot structure for a teen comedy.

Then, as the movie progresses, Monica  becomes impressed with Bartleby as he becomes more successful. Then, when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her with another girl, she leaves him and shacks up with the Bartleby, who at this point is at the top of his game, living a pretty opulent lifestyle.

Then, as part of a sub-plot, the fake university is shut down by the police. So, Bartleby, who has tried his best to do something good is suddenly isolated from his “students” and his family. But his girlfriend, who he has treated with nothing but love and respect will stand by him, right?


Once the money and the luxury is all gone, so is she. She dumps him the second it all goes to hell. What a bitch, right?

Well, now you could argue that it is all his fault and the lies, however well intentioned, were still lies and major felonies. In which case she was right to walk away from him. You don’t want to stay with someone like that, right?


Unless of course, he wins the court case and they reopen the university. In that case you would run right back into his arms, right? The guy you left at his darkest moment, when he had lost literally everything and was a total failure. But it’s ok to go running back to him when the money returns.

This is why she is such an evil character. When he is a nobody, she doesn’t care about him. Suddenly, he is rich and successful and she is all over him. Then, just as suddenly he loses everything and she drops him straight away. Then, when he gets everything back she returns.

What a terrible human being. We are supposed to be happy for the main character because the love of his life has returned. Unfortunately, the love of his life is a gold-digging sociopath who has no consideration for either his feelings or for the morality of his actions, as long as he is successful.

So basically, the moral of the story is that if you want to attract the woman of your dreams get rich, and do everything you can to stay rich otherwise she is going to leave you.


2 thoughts on “Characters You Are Supposed To Like But Are Actually Evil

  1. I’d imagine this is meant to illustrate how low the character’s sunk, that they’ve lost everything, which is a pretty standard midpoint for a story.

    But a lot of the time writers take something that works in a story sense, and don’t think through the character implications…

    • That’s clearly what they were attempting to symbolise, but the do it in the worst possible way.

      Something I think I forgot to add at the end is that she waits until the court case is won until she gets back together with him. She literally sits at the back and waits.

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