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Album Review: Alex Turner – Submarine EP (Soundtrack)

Submarine EP

Submarine is a supposedly delightful British coming of age story. I say supposedly, because I have not yet seen it, which is a disgraceful state of affairs which I plan soon to put to rights. The 2010 directorial film debut from actor Richard Ayode, it was adapted from the book of the same title.

It was announced that Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner would be writing a collection of new songs for the project. This eventually took the form of a six-track EP and it was fantastic.

Eschewing the more traditional hard rock sound of his main band, the tracks offer a gentler, more ballad-type sound. Stripped back to mostly acoustic guitar, they allow Turner’s ability for melody and a turn of phrase to really shine through.

It’s also interesting as it reflects the changing sound of Arctic Monkeys, whose fourth album Suck and See was released the following year, which included a full album version of record closer Piledriver Waltz.

This is not a collection of throwaway songs, nor an advert for his main band (who already had all three albums debut at number one in the UK at this point). Rather, this is a collection of heartfelt songs which demonstrate both the latent ability and the burgeoning development of probably Britain’s best (and still most promising) songwriter.

A wonderful collection of songs, full of melody and Turnerisms, I only hope the film lives up to the promise.


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