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(Belated) End Of Season Review: Happy Endings – Season One

Happy Endings Season One

Having been driven by my friend’s insistence that Happy Endings is in fact a hilarious show, I pushed through to the end of the first season and into the second season.

And despite my best efforts I still find it stupid beyond belief. I hate the majority of the main characters (I can just about tolerate Max and Brad). They are poorly-drawn one-dimensional figures who are fundamentally unlikable and unrealistic. The actors playing Max and Brad are clearly talented comic actors so to see their talent wasted on this trash is just irritating.

Jane is one of the worst characters ever created and the woman playing her is a terrible, terrible comedy actress.

Elisha Cuthbert is super hot, but has literally nothing else going for her.

Neither of them can do comedy to save their life.

The storylines are so utterly contrived they drive me mad and the whole show has a forced “look how kooky we’re being!” whilst being nothing more than irritating.

It doesn’t hold my interest, I hate everyone in it, 99% of the jokes don’t work and I hate myself for laughing at the 1% of jokes that do work.

The only redeeming feature of the show is  Max’s anarchic cynicism, but even that isn’t enough to save this mess. That is it has run for three seasons so far is just astounding.

Tt is less funny, more contrived, and has less engaging characters with fewer dimensions than Cougar Town.

And for everything, the absolute worst thing, is that I see this compared as equal to New Girl, which is actually a funny show with characters than have several dimensions to them. Happy Endings is what you would get if you bought a Chinese knock-off version of New Girl.

Avoid this like the plague.


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